A brief overview

Dux is a new and constantly changing Operating System. Its goals are to have a simple overall design, be portable, and be easy to develop for. The project began in late 2008 as an experiment, and it quickly became a regular project. As time went on, more people joined and several revisions of dux were created, leaving a clean and well designed core that will be both fast and extendable. On August 2nd, 2009, we started development of the metodo kernel, which is now the kernel dux is built around.

Find us

The official channel is on the FreeNode IRC network, in the channel #duxos. You can connect using your own client, or the provided webchat.

Open Source

The source for Dux is fully open source software released under the MIT/X11 license. The source can be found on github.


Dux's API is a specification for each version of dux released, starting at v0.1.0. The API can be implemented freely in any operating system if they wish to be compatible. It will not follow POSIX by design, but POSIX compatibility will not be actively avoided.

API documentation is available for the upcoming release of Dux v0.1.0.

API Finalization

The Dux v0.1.0 API was planned to be finalized on March 14, 2011. After multiple date bumps it's now planned to be finalized on June 01, 2011.




Other architectures:



What's with the name?

I was given the nickname duck, courtesy of my friend Ashley, in my sophomore year of high school. Over time, everybody I know started calling me duck. When I asked a friend what I should call my Operating System, she said, "dux."

I'm assuming they're related.

The dux team

Dux was made possible by many people doing various tasks to keep everything going. The rest of the group and I would like to thank everyone involved:

Useful links

Some useful links and documentation for various things are located in the resources section.